It involves 2 structures that are on opposite sides of your brain, and guesses? Right your ears LOL.

Ear massage, yes ear massage.

Auriculotherapy is reflexology of the ear

So the auricle of the ear supposed to represent the microsystem of the the whole body.

According to microsystem theory, there are no direct connections between the ear and specific distal body parts. Rather, nerves from the ear connect to reflex centers in the brain that send neurological reflex pathways to the spinal cord, which then, sends them on to the neurons reaching distal body parts.

Needless to say the ears are highly accessible for massage, I mean they are right here.

While ear massage can be used to address a countless array of health issues including stress and anxiety. Message also helps to release the natural feel good hormones called endorphins.

The great thing is that you don’t have to be a massage therapist, you can give your own self a massage

Now how do give your self an ear massage. Note there are different ways to do this, but here are my recommendations

Remove earrings.

Wash your hands

Place on your favorite lotion for extra smell good OR

Plus or minus your own essential oil to be used on the external ear, not internal. Or your can use nothing on your hands.

You will mainly use your thumb and your index finger then.

Get to it! there are many different ways your can massage your ear. there are different techniques. Remember to do some deep breathing when massaging your ear.

Ill just demonstrate a couple of maneuvers tonight you can do it along with me. Im telling you it may be unconventional but it may be able to help with your relaxation, stress, anxiety Maybe even headaches. Why not try it. Just try it.

Ok after you have washed your hands and applied or not applied your relaxing scent

Rub your hands together for a fes seconds to get your hands warm

Placeover each ear to warm things up.

Spread fingers and cup hand, rub ear

Pinch ear and hold the pressure points,

rotate the ears forward and back ward

Your may start to feel burning your ears feel hot, you are bringing blood flow to the ears

Do this when ever, when you are feeling stressed, anxious, maybe even a headache.

Takes just a few minutes, you can do one ear at a time or both.
Please note I must caution you this will not and I repeat, this will not help with children or spousal selective hearing loss, its for relaxation purposes lol